Historical Archives of Ardsley Curling Club

Duck Soup

Duck Soup is the official newsletter of the Ardsley Curling Club with issues dating back to 1943

Dedication and Open House, January 28, 1967

Officers of the Ardsley Curling Club 1932 - present

Scans from Ed Sibert's Album

Ed Sibert's Album: Ed was Ardsley Curling Club president 1966-68 when the curling rink at the Ardsley Country Club was built.

Photos from the albums of Jean MacIntosh

Jean MacIntosh's photos: Long time curler Jean MacIntosh turned 100 in 2019 ( see Duck Soup p.6)

Ardwicks Archives

To promote and develop interest in curling among women


Trophies and Awards

Newspaper clippings:


Other Stuff