What is curling? It's a game of grace and skill, played on ice. Think of it as "billiards on ice" with 44 lb stones for balls and you are the pool cue. People like to compare it to shuffleboard, but with curling you get to wear a teflon-bottomed shoe and slide along the ice on one foot -- way more fun than shuffleboard!!!

Want to give curling a try? Ardsley Curling Club operates from October to April and has open houses and learn to curl classes each year. Please email: membership@ardsleycurling.com at any time to schedule a time to visit. Or arrange a corporate event or private party for an in-depth curling experience.

This is the repository for historical documents of the Ardsley Curling Club. For the main club site go to Ardsley Curling . com

Duck Soup is the official newsletter of the Ardsley Curling Club.

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Historical Archives of the Ardsley Curling Club

Ed Sibert's Album: Ed was Ardsley Curling Club president 1966-68 when the curling rink at the Ardsley Country Club was built.

More photos from the Albums of Jean MacIntosh

Officers of the Ardsley Curling Club 1932 - present